What can be added to make hydrochloric acid turn red

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What happens when calcium is added to hydrochloric acid?

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What colour does universal indicator turn in hydrochloric acid?

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Salt and vinegar can react to form hydrochloric acid. These two substances, known in chemistry as "sodium chloride" and "acetic acid" respectively, can be used in school educational experiments to clean a blackened penny. Nitric acid may also turn yellow over time because of the release of nitrogen dioxide on exposure to light.

The yellow color does not affect the product’s usefulness in the school laboratory. O.K., a good way to meassure your Hypophosphorus acid is to use a ratio of 1ml. for every gram of P-fed that you are using. 50% or 30% Hypophosphorus will work, but you might want to add more Hypophosphorus acid if it was 30%.

topic Why does hydrochloric acid rust nails? Q. Hi! Me and my friends are doing a science project about nails rusting in water and water with hydrochloric acid and our teacher said that we couldn't have that as a project if we didn't know why this happened.

When an acid and an alkali react a salt is made, the salt made depends on the acid and alkali used, for example hydrochloric acid plus sodium hydroxide would give sodium chloride and water. In this case the sodium takes the chlorine away from the hydrogen and it leaves hydrogen and hydroxide which then bond to make water, in this case the.

What can be added to make hydrochloric acid turn red
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