Then who do we believe essay

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Essay 2: How We Believe; How Science Works

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"The Will to Believe" is a lecture by William James, first published inwhich defends, in certain cases, the adoption of a belief without prior evidence of its truth.

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The “ethics of belief” refers to a cluster of questions at the intersection of epistemology, ethics, philosophy of mind, and psychology. The central question in the debate is whether there are norms of some sort governing our habits of belief-formation, belief-maintenance, and belief-relinquishment.

There are several safety precautions that we as humans take to ensure our safety. Humans most commonly test things before selling or using them. This can avoid liability and make sure products are safe.

Cosmetics are among the many types of products that are being tested such as fragrances.

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You will notice that only your first name will be seen on the web page with your essay. We can say any of these things, but we are absolutely impotent to believe them; and of just such things is the whole fabric of the truths that we do believe in made up, --matters of fact, immediate or remote, as Hume said, and relations between ideas, which are either there or not there for us if we see them so, and which if not there cannot be.

Then who do we believe essay
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The Ethics of Belief (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)