Nothing gold can stay robert frost

Analysis of Poem

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Robert Frost

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Nothing gold can stay. —Robert Frost. We are swamped in change. And we had better get used to it, or at least figure out how to deal with it. In our parents' day, career change was uncommon. "Nothing Gold Can Stay" is hard to describe in a nutshell, because, well, it's somewhat of a nutshell in itself.

It demonstrates one of the main reasons why its writer, Robert Frost, was able to create so many enduring poems: he had a knack for summing up the whole world in a few elegant little. All of Robert Frost Poems. Robert Frost Poetry Collection from Famous Poets and Poems. Robert Frost wrote “Nothing Gold Can Stay” in It appeared in his collection New Hampshire, which won him his first of four Pulitzer Prizes (the most of any American poet).It’s composed.

Nothing gold can stay robert frost
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