Jellyfish as an alternative energy source

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8 of the strangest renewable energy sources you’ve never heard of

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Dec 17,  · Are we ready for this jelly? Fluorescent jellyfish may help solve our energy crisis Biosolar researchers are working to put ultra-efficient photosynthesis to work to make clean renewable power. [ Economic reasons are the main hurdle to new nuclear plants now, with capital costs so high it’s almost impossible to get a loan, especially when natural gas is so much cheaper and less risky.

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Get started now! As Salon notes, solar power is not as renewable as you might think due to the materials need to make the panels, so scientists are experimenting with biosolar energy, which involves producing power using the photosynthetic processes of plants, including those consumed by jellyfish.

Jellyfish as an alternative source of food for opportunistic fishes. jellyfish are further suggested as a non-negligible source of energy for fishes (Arai,during bloom events jellyfish may provide an alternative source of food which might favour the more opportunistic fish species.

The energy from the lower trophic levels might.

Jellyfish as an alternative energy source
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Animal Fuel Cells Used as Alternative Energy Sources by Anna Fracchia on Prezi