Fast food or parents who is

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Missouri parents outraged after school district bans fast food

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Fast Food or Parents Who Is to Blame? Essay

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What Attracts Kids to Fast Food?

On one hand, some might argue that limiting how much junk and fast food kids consume daily is a good thing. But the issue, in this case, is that the school district, without consulting the parents, unilaterally imposed a new rule that essentially tells students what they can or cannot eat.

Parents of children at a Missouri school are fighting back after the school district announced it was banning fast food from being eaten on campus during school hours. Some parents are posting support for the rule change on the Ray County Facebook community page, saying fast food delivery at school is a privilege some kids can't afford.

Oct 25,  · Dr.

Junk Food Nation: How Parents Are Ruining Kids' Health

Eleanor Mackey, a child psychologist at Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC, told WebMD that fast food is an easy default for stressed-out parents. Take a break from takeout with these good-for-you versions of your family's favorites.

They cook up quicker than you can say drive-thru. 6 days ago · Nine out of 10 parents had purchased lunch or dinner for their child in the past week at one of the big four fast food chains inup from 8 of 10 parents inthe results showed.

Missouri Parents Fire Back After School District Bans Fast Food Fast food or parents who is
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