Child advocacy

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What Is the Job of a Child Advocate?

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Our Mission:

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CAS child advocacy services

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Child advocacy

Linguistics advocacy organizations in the USA at the reasoning level exist at affordable and national levels and as needed NGOs. Child Advocacy Center.

Our mission is to provide protection, advocacy, justice and healing for all child victims of abuse.

Our Mission:

The Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center serves children when there is a concern of child abuse to help preserve the dignity and spirit of the child by supporting, advocating for and educating families. Welcome to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy!

Here you will learn about us, in words, pictures and videos. It is our hope that you will visit us often, both here and at our other social networking sites.

Training Opportunities

CAC of Johnson County focuses on giving a voice back to child victims and work to prevent other children from ever living the nightmare of abuse. Developing a resource to support advocacy for individual children and their parents. Welcome to CAS.

Child Advocacy Services (CAS) is a private, non-profit umbrella agency providing services through the court appointed special Advocates (CASA) program, Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) program, and other services supporting its mission to give Voice, Healing, and Security to children.

The NCAC models, promotes, and delivers excellence in child abuse response and prevention through service, education, and leadership. Local Services The local services of the NCAC reach out to almost 10, people in Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama each year.

Child advocacy
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Child Advocates